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Class Schedule


5-7 Year Olds to Adults

At Elite Martial Arts, we understand busy schedules are the norm these days. That is why we try to provide plenty of options for attending class each week.


Little Warriors (5, 6, and 7-Year-Olds)
This level covers basic striking and grappling while omitting submission skills because we don’t trust these little maniacs until they’re a bit older.  They can spend up to 2 years in this class if needed but the goal is to get bumped into the Level 1 class by developing the coordination, listening skills, and empathy needed to participate in the higher levels safely.  “Taking care of the other humans on the mat” goes a long way around here.
Level 1
This level covers basic striking and grappling with the added responsibility of holding pads for partners and a slow and safe introduction to basic submission skills.  Level 1 consists of the first 3 belt ranks (around 9 months) and covers all of the the basic knowledge and skill they need to move into Level 2 confidently and safely.  By the end of Level 1 students have a more functional understanding of reality-based self-defense than I did after earning my second traditional martial arts black belt.
Level 2
Level 2 training is the goal for all of our warriors!  After building a solid base of fundamentals, we get into problem-solving skills for all levels of threat.  The kids build their toolbox in Level 1 and fill it in Level 2.  Striking and mauling skills are for real bad guys and submission grappling is for bullies who need to be safely controlled.  “We don’t have to be best friends but you do have to leave me alone.”  Kids can spend years in this rotating curriculum and always learn something new while honing the skill set they’ve already built. Kickboxing gear (boxing gloves, shin guards, and a helmet) is required for Level 2 and the only thing parents will ever have to buy.

We have separate classes for ages 5-7, 8-13 beginner, 8-13 advanced, and adults and teens. Your membership is based on how many students, and not your class level.

Feel free to show up and observe a class any time!
The schedule is below, and there’s no appointment necessary.

Memberships for the Whole Family




We have separate classes for ages 5-7, 8-13 beginner, 8-13 advanced, and adults and teens.

Feel free to show up and observe a class any time!
The schedule is below, and there’s no appointment necessary.

5-7 Year Olds

All Belt Ranks

8-13 (Level I)

First 9 Months of Training

8-13 (Level II)

Green-Black Belt Adv. Training


Adults & Teens

Monday: 5:15pm Monday: 6:00pm Monday: 4:00pm Monday: 6:45pm
Tuesday: 4:00pm Tuesday: 4:45pm Tuesday: 5:30pm Tuesday: 6:45pm
Wednesday: 5:15pm Wednesday: 6:00pm Wednesday: 4:00pm Wednesday: 6:45pm
Thursday: 4:00pm Thursday: 4:45pm Thursday: 5:30pm Thursday: 6:45pm
Friday: Closed Friday: Closed Friday: Closed Friday: Closed
Saturday: 10:00am Saturday: 10:45am Saturday: 10:45am Saturday: No Class
Sunday: Closed Sunday: Closed Sunday: Closed Sunday: Closed

Our Fearless Leader

Meet Coach Jason

Jason Jeannette

Jason Jeannette (or “Coach J” as the kids call him) has a couple of black belts in traditional martial arts that he doesn’t care to talk about. ? After realizing that black belts don’t mean anything when it comes to defending against actual violence he began to study Muay Thai kickboxing, submission grappling and various reality-based systems such as Krav Maga. He has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, teaching full time for 15 and has been owner and head coach at Elite Martial Arts for over a decade.

What Makes Us Different

Problem-solving instead of memorization.2019-12-21T04:29:46-06:00

Learn reality-based fighting skills. Many traditional martial arts have evolved into “sports” with point systems and memorized “dance routines”. You won’t find that here.

Reality-based self defense training.2019-12-21T00:21:49-06:00

Elite Martial Arts is not teaching people to “fight” but how to “fight back” when the violence comes to them. There are no rituals, no sport fighting nonsense, only reality-based self defense.

No contracts! Our fun, informative classes are what keeps everyone coming back!2019-12-21T00:20:25-06:00

You won’t be signing any contracts at Elite Martial Arts. Be wary of “private introductory lessons” that are designed to steer people into a commitment before they are fully informed.

I like Jason’s approach to teaching kids real skills they can use. Funny thing is, you don’t need colored belts to inspire kids… Elite has figured it out!

Michael D., Parent

I like Mr Jeanette. He is really nice, but makes us really tough at the same time. He is always encouraging to me.

Max, Student

Elite Martial Arts has been an awesome experience. Aside from teaching my daughter self defense, she has made new friends and really likes the dodge ball parties.

Rebecca, Parent




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