About Elite

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Our mission is to bring modern, practical self-defense training to Nashville in a positive and safe environment.


The curriculum is a reality-based and constantly evolving mix of Boxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Krav Maga. If it works, we use it. If it doesn’t, we throw it out. It’s that simple. Four separate classes customized for different age and experience levels guarantee appropriate coaching for everyone.


Coach Jason

Jason Jeannette

Jason Jeannette (or “Coach J” as the kids call him) has a couple of black belts in traditional martial arts that he doesn’t care to talk about. After realizing that black belts don’t mean anything when it comes to defending against actual violence he began to study Muay Thai kickboxing, submission grappling and various reality-based systems such as Krav Maga. He began martial arts training in 1984, has been teaching full time since 1999, and became owner and head coach at Elite Martial Arts in 2005.