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No contracts.
No rituals.
no nonsense.

Just reality-based skills in
a fun environment!

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Our Programs

Our Reality Based Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program teaches the skills used in MMA competition but with a street defense mentality and without the “fighting gym” atmosphere.

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Want to stay up-to-date on news around the gym. Whether its just sharing good news, or updates to our schedule, you can find the most recent announcements by clicking below.

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Class Schedule

Busy schedules are the norm these days. That is why we try to provide plenty of options for attending class each week. Check out the online schedule, or print your own!

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Check out some of our great photos of our studio, as well as our students in action.  As you can tell, we think its important to foster a fun, positive environment at Elite Martial Arts.

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If the kids are driving you bonkers, we have you covered. Regular schedule today! ... See MoreSee Less

Cain was born with only half a heart and had three open heart surgeries by the time he was three. He’s new to Level 2 and not the least bit intimidated by it. “The Cain-iac” is easily the toughest warrior we know so let’s give him some shouts in the comments so he can see them! ... See MoreSee Less

See what our gym looks like

The gym should not “smell like a gym!” We take great care of our space. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself.

Jason with Students

What Makes Us Different

No contracts! Our fun, informative classes are what keeps everyone coming back!

You won’t be signing any contracts at Elite Martial Arts. Be wary of “private introductory lessons” that are designed to steer people into a commitment before they are fully informed.

Reality-based self defense training.

Elite Martial Arts is not teaching people to “fight” but how to “fight back” when the violence comes to them. There are no rituals, no sport fighting nonsense, only reality-based self defense.

Problem-solving instead of memorization.

Learn reality-based fighting skills. Many traditional martial arts have evolved into “sports” with point systems and memorized “dance routines”. You won’t find that here.

Our Program

 If it works, we use it. If it doesn’t, we throw it out. It’s that simple.

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